Scholarship funds

Establishing scholarship funds, to create scholarship programs, to provide scholarship financing for children, youth, exceptionally talented students, socially active persons subjected to oppression or those in a difficult financial situation.


Organizing activities to promote changes with the mission, to provide citizens in Europe with equal possibilities for intellectual, professional, social and cultural development and to fully exercise their civil rights.

Public services

Organizing activities to support the development of self-governance, education, culture, health protection, the increase of availability and improvement of the stands of public services.

The method of acquiring income

The foundation will receives its income through donations. These gifts are given mainly by individuals and companies

Asset Management

The Foundation has a board that is responsible for managing the assets. The board consists of three persons, namely a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer.


- Chairman is Mr. P.B.G. Bronkhorst

- Secretary is Mrs. N. Kiliç

- Treasurer is Mr. M Aslan

Activities board


The following activities are carried out under the responsibility of the board:

1. Setting up and supervising projects

2. Selecting destination purposes.


The board meets at least twice a year for a board meeting of these minutes are drawn up.


The board is responsible for a sound financial policy. The tasks involved are among other:

1. Prepare an annual budget;

2. Adopt and approve annual accounts;

3. Managing the funds;

4. Spending the money and creating facilities.

Remuneration board members

The board members do not receive any remuneration for their board activities.

Spending the assets

The capital is spent in accordance with the objective of Foundation BF.

1. The income of the foundation is primarily used to meet the expenses compensate.

2. Secondly, the income of the foundation can be used for other support foundations or initiatives that have a similar objective to their own foundation.

3. The foundation does not aim to make a profit. She does want a healthy buffer to be able to absorb disappointing income. In addition, this reserved to develop and set up new activities.